Pi Network Conducts One of the Largest Blockchain in Crypto History

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Palo Alto, CA, Aug. 17, 2022 (World NEWSWIRE) – Pi Network, a large scaling pool powered by the world’s most widely distributed cryptocurrency, provides accessibility and enables a single system strong ecosystem for members, retailers and developers, has just now announced the migration of over a million customers to its mainnet blockchain.

Launched in December 2018 by a team of behavioral systems and blockchain first innovators from Stanford University, Pi Network Community is a utility-focused ecosystem of third-party applications. , used on mobile web platforms, with popular token distribution. Since its founding, the community — also known as “Pioneers” — has grown to more than 35 million associates in more than 230 countries or regions.

Dr. Chengdiao Supporter, Founder and Head of Product or Service at Pi Network, said: “Officially standing up to establish the Pi Network Community online is testament to the remarkable team we have built. created in the past three years”. “Pi Network’s vision to establish the most comprehensive peer-to-peer ecosystem in the world and on a network knowledge base, driven by Pi Network, is getting closer to reality.”

Contrary to other blockchains, Pi Network Community has grown and expanded its local community just before the launch of the mainnet blockchain in December 2021. Because of Pi Network’s Day, March 14, 2019, the team have made various contributions to the advancement and security of the network, and in their approach, mining Pi on their mobile phones through a novel mining mechanism that is environmentally pleasing. 

Migrating Pi balances from the mobile app, exactly where they are at the time recorded, to the blockchain, although some apps are also set to transition from testnet to mainnet, will allow enabling peer-to-peer ecosystems to become a reality. These apps will be in a position to reach a huge network of people who have passed KYC and are fully crypto ready with crypto in hand to offer to a variety of vendors.

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The migration of about a million pioneers to the mainnet was achieved in a thirty-day period. It is designed to be very workable thanks to the Pi KYC option and does the work of more than 649,000 human validators in 224 countries or regions who already have KYC over 2 million pioneers per day.

Pi KYC is a special, proprietary method that combines machine automation and super-local, community-resourced verification of humans to perform secure, scalable, and successful KYC. It was born out of the lack of scalability, economic and international accessibility that came from other third social gathering field alternatives. 

“The Pi Network Initial KYC Answer Free for All Pioneers is just one of the great efforts that Pi Network offers with its promise of fairness, inclusivity, and accessibility, “Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Founder and Head of Technology at Pi Network. “We are excited to continue expanding this incredible local community and welcome the enduring Pioneers to add to what will quickly become the best performing crypto-supported social network on the planet. Global.”

At the mainnet, Pioneers will be rewarded for their continued contributions to the development and security of the network. Pioneer’s interests will be more diversified due to the fact that the community desires a more diverse and in-depth contribution related to app usage, button operation, and Pi locking.

Mainnet pre-mainnet pioneers will continue to contribute to Pi and mine from Mainnet mining rewards, along with any new members who become members of the network, to ensure growth and longevity network.

Network Strategies continues to migrate millions of additions to the mainnet in the coming months as Additional Pioneers continue to benefit from Pi Community KYC technology.

To get more data or become part of the Pi Network, make sure you visit Minepi.com.

Introducing Pi Network

Pi delivers the legitimate promise of blockchain: an open, vital community fueled by the largest distributed cryptocurrency in the world, providing accessibility and enabling a robust ecosystem for users. consumers, retailers and builders.

Started in 2018 by a group of early innovators in blockchain and social computing, with PhDs from Stanford University, Pi Community is a utility-dependent ecosystem for applications. 3rd anniversary app on mobile site system, with popular (rather centralized) token distribution.

The blockchain platform offers a mining tactic that starts with the cell, with reduced cost savings and a light environmental footprint in the crypto space. Neighborhood has more than 35 million users participating in about 230 countries around the world or regions. For more information you should check out minepi.com.

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