Bitcoin price today july 11, 2022: Massive drop, US leads in bitcoin mining and bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin price today july 11 turned down sharply when the market for slight volatility. The US continues to hold the lead in bitcoin mining and bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin price fell sharply today, and the market also lost value.

Bitcoin price today recorded at 5:25 am at 20,747.51 USD, down 4.36% compared to 24 hours ago.

In the market, up to 90 of the top 100 coins are down from 24 hours ago.

In which, most coins fell slightly from 1% to 2%.

Litecoin gave the highest gain with a rate of 0.54%.

Among the top 10 coins by market value, 9 out of 10 coins are down from 24 hours ago.

Ethereum fell 1.51%, to $1,163.70.

Tether holds at $0.9995.

USD Coin decreased slightly by 0.02%, to 0.9998 USD.

BNB fell slightly by 0.65%, to $233.44.

Binance coin lost 0.16% to $0.9998.

Cardano fell to $0.4635, 0.78% lower than 24 hours ago.

Ripple is down 0.91% on the day, to $0.3241.

Solana fell 1.23% to $36.86.

Dogecoin lost 0.73%, down to $0.06713.

The total cryptocurrency market value recorded at 5:30 am at $924.45 billion, down $35.89 billion from 24 hours ago.

The 24-hour trading volume on the market fell to $54.68 billion, 0.48% higher than on July 10.

Russia Steps Up Cryptocurrency Supervision

Russia’s financial watchdog, Rosfinmonitoring, said it was upgrading its ability to track transactions as Moscow authorities look into regulating the industry, perhaps later this year, Reuters reports.

Russia has identified a few cases of crimes related to cryptocurrencies, Rosfinmonitoring director Yuri Chikhanchin said. Next, the agency intends to hunt down transactions and blockchains that are currently hidden.

Chikhanchin said it is not possible to disclose everything, in part because some countries do not consider regulating the digital currency industry. “It’s very difficult when crypto accounts go into unregulated territory and we don’t know who is on the other end of the line,” he said. “But I think we can still solve this problem.”

Blockchain technology records transactions, but does not identify wallet owners, the report said.

Recently, Anatoly Aksakov, director of the finance committee of the Russian parliament’s office, said that a bill to regulate digital currency will soon be introduced in the third quarter of this year.

US dominates bitcoin ATMs

Although the digital currency business faces a series of regulatory hurdles at the state and federal level, the US still plays an important role in preserving the digital currency and bitcoin ecosystems. While China bans cryptocurrencies, the US remains in the leading positions in terms of bitcoin mining capacity and ATM installations worldwide.

Before the ban on cryptocurrency mining, China represented more than 50% of the total mining capacity as of February 2021. When China withdrew from this race, the US took the leading position in terms of mining capacity, with 37.84% of total mining capacity in January 2022.

According to the chart, bitcoin miners in China are back up and running in September 2021. However, in the US bitcoin mining capacity is continuously increasing month by month.

In addition, the United States is home to the most installed ATMs in the world, accounting for nearly 88% of total ATM installations worldwide. Over 90% of crypto ATMs installed in the past few months are in the US. Data from Coin ATM Radar confirms the trend continued into July as the US installed 641 out of 710 digital currency ATMs in the first 10 days of July.

You can see the coin prices here.

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