Bitcoin price today august 4: Massive drop, China issues the first debt on e-CNY

Bitcoin price today 4/8/2022 decreased slightly, and the market also recorded many currencies depreciating. China has just conducted a test of e-CNY on credit.

 The bitcoin price is down slightly today, and the market continues to decline.

Bitcoin price today august 4 2022 recorded at 6:45 am at $22,809.70, down 1.14% from 24 hours ago.

The bitcoin market value today reaches $436.23 billion, representing 41.1% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

In the market, 68 of the top 100 coins by market value are down from 24 hours ago.

The highest reduction up to 7.69% belongs to Oasis Network.

On the upside, Optimism was the biggest loser, with an appreciation rate of 22.84%.

In the top 10, 6 out of 10 coins have declined in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum is down 1.92% on the day, to $1,614.49.

Tether holds at $1.00, with little volatility over the past 24 hours.

USD Coin also recorded low volatility, currently at $1.00.

BNB is up 4.32% on the day, to $297.23.

Binance USD is down slightly 0.01% over the past 24 hours, recording at $1.00.

Ripple is down 1.37% from 24 hours ago, to $0.3686.

Cardano is up 0.05% on the day, to $0.5001.

Solana fell to 38.44 USD, losing up to 6.35% compared to 24 hours ago.

Polkadot rose 0.5%, to $8.02.

The total cryptocurrency market value recorded at 6:45 am at $1,061.38, $5.32 billion lower than 24 hours ago.

The market’s 24-hour trading volume was $67.27 billion, down 12.99% from August 3.

State Bank of China issues debt on e-CNY

According to local newspaper Sohu, on August 3, Zhangjiagang Agricultural Commercial Bank, in Suzhou, Jiangsu, announced it had issued a debt of 500,000 e-CNY with intellectual property as collateral. challenge. The debt was issued with full consent from the city’s market regulator, financial market regulator, and government officials.

The debtor is an organization that manufactures environmental protection equipment for the steel industry in Suzhou. According to the company, due to the increase in customer invoices, it has decided to go with a new borrowing method, in which the debt will be issued directly to the e-CNY digital wallet.

Meanwhile, Zhangjiagang Agricultural Commercial Bank said this is just a new national test in the e-CNY pilot program.

On August 1, the People’s Bank of China said that it wants to expand the number of e-CNY testing areas, currently in 15 provinces and cities. In the latest figures dated May 31, the central bank has conducted a total of 264 million e-CNY transactions totaling CNY 83 billion ($12.29 billion) since its launch. There are over 4,567 million retail payment gateways that accept e-CNY as a payment channel.

Solana wallet was attacked by surprise

The digital currency ecosystem has been in turmoil since the attack on Solana wallets since August 3. Phantom and Slope, two digital wallet services on Solana, were the first to report the attack on their social media platforms.

Few commenters noted that the attacker was able to access the private key, when the transaction was signed on the legitimate blockchain. Ava Labs CEO and founder, Emin Gun Sirer estimates that more than 7,000 wallets have been affected, and many individuals and organizations also cite this number online.

Heidi Chakos, host of YouTube channel Crypto Tips, emphasized that the scammer is looking to expand the attack according to the current situation. “Don’t communicate with anyone looking for a friend to come up with a solution to this Solana attack. They are all scammers.”

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