Bitcoin price today August 29: Dropped below $20,000, Gamers don’t like Metaverse

Bitcoin price today August 29 continued to fall below $ 20,000, leading to the decline of many other coins on the market. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said gamers don’t feel the metaverse is a new technology.

Bitcoin price today August 29 lost the $ 20,000 mark, and the market also continued to go down.

Bitcoin price today recorded at 9:20 am at $ 19,683.42, down 1.75% compared to 24 hours ago.

In the market, as many as 84 of the top 100 coins by market value are down from 24 hours ago.

In which, the highest decrease of 9.48% belonged to Avalanche.

The biggest gainer is eCash with a 49.20% gain on the day.

In the top 10, up to 6/10 coins have decreased in price compared to 24 hours ago.

Ethereum is down 3.76% on the day, to $1,439.70.

Tether holds at $1.00.

USD Coin is stable at 1.00 USD.

BNB is up slightly 0.11% on the day, at $278.06.

Binance USD is up slightly 0.03% over the past 24 hours, recording at $1.00.

Ripple is down 3.85% from 24 hours ago, to $0.3213.

Cardano fell to $0.4301, losing 4.61% on the day.

Solana plummeted 3.56%, to $30.45.

Dogecoin lost 3.19% in the last 24 hours, recorded at $0.06165.

The total cryptocurrency market value at 9:20 a.m. was at $948.77 billion, down $20.55 billion from 24 hours ago.

The market’s 24-hour trading volume fell to $53.90 billion, 14.55% lower than on August 28.

Microsoft Gaming CEO: Gamers don’t like the metaverse

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer says he believes gamers have been in the metaverse for 30 years, but understands why some are still apprehensive at this point.

Answering Bloomberg Studio 1.0 on August 26, he said that gamers do not “understand” the metaverse because this new technology is something they have been experimenting with in the game for too many years.

“It’s not surprising to me that gamers can look at the metaverse and think…I’ve got my own avatar, I’ve been able to go into a shared world and I’ve had verbal conversations.” , he said.

He also said he was “cautious” about some trends, including playing for money, because they create “a working force among players for certain players to make money”.

Spencer has previously criticized blockchain gaming for money and NFTs, and Microsoft has issued a regulation when their platform was being used for a “mistaken” project.

MakerDAO founder suggests de-assigning to DAI and USD to limit attacks

Considering the recent discussions surrounding the de-assignment of DAI digital currency to USD Coin due to the ban on Tornado Cash, MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen told the community that floating DAI could be an option. choose for decentralized self-organization (DAO).

In the article, “The Road to Legal Compliance and the Road to Decentralization: Why Makers Have No Choice but Prepare to Float Dai”, Mr. Christensen reveals the misjudgment of risks associated with the asset. risk weighted. He asserted:

“Suppression with digital currency can happen without prior notice and with no resilience even to innocent legitimate users. This violates two core assumptions we use to assess the risk of risk-weighted assets, making the threat from authorities much more severe.”

He suggested that “a decentralization path must be chosen, as well as Dai’s intention and purpose.” And “The only option accordingly is to limit the attack surface by reducing exposure to risk weighted assets to the maximum fixed percentage of total collateral, which requires float out of the USD”.

Currently 50% of DAI is backed by USDC, according to data from daistats.

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