‘There Is 0% Chance We’re Not in a Simulation,’ Says Binance CEO

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  • The CEO of Binance said there is mathematically zero chance that the world is not in a simulation.
  • “I walked 200 meters carrying water from a well and used oil lamps to study in the evenings,” Changpeng Zhao said.
  • The Binance CEO added that whenever his team encounters a challenge, they simply say, “Hey, it’s just a game.”

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, argued that “mathematically, there is a 0% chance we are not in a simulation” and that knowing “we are in a simulation” puts many of life’s pressures away.

He posed the arguments while recounting how technology has simplified our daily tasks, using his childhood days as a case study. Zhao said he walked 200 meters carrying water from a well and used oil lamps to study in the evenings. But everything has transformed and we now have phones, the internet, and blockchain.

He rhetorically said, “given the exponential growth in technology, will we have the technology to plug a rod into our heads just like in the movie Matrix and have everything simulated for us?” Zhao noted that this leap may not be feasible in 20, 100, or 500 years, but “when we can, we will.”

He also called to account the popular Nintendo games, that when super Mario runs forward, the world in front of him gets simulated for him, likewise when he runs backwards. “Today, when I look at a wall, I don’t know what’s behind it,” said the Binance CEO. “When I walk around the corner, the things behind the wall get simulated for me. It’s a possibility.”

He later clarified:

A simulation has programmed challenges you can’t avoid and randomness that happens by chance. We don’t know which one is which. We can make the best out of what we have. We still have to take life seriously. It takes all the pressure away. When facing a new challenge, know it’s just part of the simulation. You need to make the best out of it.

He concluded that whenever his team at Binance faces any challenges, they simply say, “Hey, it’s just a game.”

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